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We are the leading provider of One-to-One online Quran tutoring. Learn to read the Holy Quran from the comfort of your home. We use internet to connect the student with live human tutor. By providing human touch to computer education, we help students to learn reading the Al Quran in Arabic. Now students of any age in any country in the world can learn the Quran at their own schedule and pace. All you need is computer with high speed internet connection.

By using online Quran tutoring interactive technology, the student and teacher communicate by top quality screen sharing program along with audio communication. We will help you to setup this completely free and easy to use program and get started with the Quranic lessons. Try three free no obligation sessions to really appreciate the usefulness and effectiveness of live One-to-One learning experience of Allah's book, the Holy Quran.

Our teaching staff include well qualified educators, qaris and several hafiz-e-Quran tutors. A real expert tutor is just a click away. A student can be getting help online from professional teacher in minutes to learn reading and recitation of the Al Quran with tajweed and tarteel.

You can try three free no obligation trial lessons to evaluate our service and the tutor. After the free lessons you can decide to continue or discontinue our Quran tutoring service. Our online tutoring service is very affordable way to learn reading the Al-Quran.

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