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The procedure (skype and goto-meeting are FREE - do not give credit card details)
1. Download skype from:
2. Add easyalquran to your skype ID so we can communicate via skype.
3. Start your FREE trial - Click on the link sent by the tutor. This will install goto-meeting software and allow you to see the tutors screen.

4. If you are 100% satisfied with the free trial then agree the days & times for actual classes.
5. Agree the payment method for the classes (Learning Al Quran Reading costings).

Join Us & Learn

Complete Solution to your kids Islamic Education

We are now offering Live One-on-One Tutoring in the following courses and We teach in Urdu and English .

1. Basic Quran Reading Lessons

2. Basic Knowledge of Ahadith

3. Quran Reading With Tajweed

4. Quran Memorization

5. Basic Islamic Knowledge


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